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Doctor Bedsole and his optometry team are the eye care providers of Moody, Alabama. For over 20 years, our patients have put their trust in our eye doctor and eye care team to deliver the highest quality eye care to the Moody area.

Looking for eye care in Moody?

Our eye care team in Moody will ensure that you get the best possible eye care and advice for your personal vision requirements, as well as providing the perfect pair of contact lenses or frames.

Visit our optometrist for your next eye care appointment in Moody and experience what makes eye care by Dr. Bedsole unique. Our eye care office in Pell City is only a few minutes away from Moody, Talladega, Lincoln, and St. Clair County, Alabama.

Eye Care Moody:

  • Detection/Management of Glaucoma:
    • Our Moody eye care team test every one of our patients for early symptoms of glaucoma, and our optometric glaucoma specialist is available to both monitor and treat your glaucoma.
  • Laser Corrective Procedures:
    • Visit the Eye Care team at our Moody optometry office, and find out about the most cutting edge technology in LASIK and PRK.

    Dr. Bedsole's Optometry Clinic - Eye Care in Moody

    Personal and Comprehensive Eye Exams

    Our eye care team at Dr. Bedsole's Optometry Clinic will provide you with a thorough eye health examination using the most up-to-date technology around. Your vision is your most valuable asset; any eye conditions need to be detected as early as possible in order that treatment can be provided and vision preserved. This is only possible via a complete and comprehensive eye exam with an expert optometrist (eye doctor).

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    Dr. Wendell Bedsole

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